Alternative Investment Services

Client Access

Client access to investor and accounting information, reports and downloadable extract files of company and investor data.

Investor Access

Investor and interested party access current and historic information via our web-based dashboard, including statements, confirms, NAVs & returns, marketing materials, management letters, company profiles and support information.

Asset Servicing

Client Learning Management System (CLMS)

Our user friendly platform provides you with on-line, real-time access to educational opportunities ranging from webinars to on-demand sessions. As a user, you are able to view training by category, a calendar of events, monthly featured events, news and an advanced search feature.


Workbench facilitates the investment life cycle from decision-making to execution, settlement and reporting. Workbench provides access to worldwide investment manager and custody-related information, enabling you to measure, monitor, and evaluate daily activity and results — all at the click of your mouse.


INFORM provides information on custody, accounting, settlement and related activity.

Benefits Disbursements

BNY Mellon’s Benefit Disbursements site is designed for individuals who are currently receiving pension payments issued by BNY Mellon. Here you have the ability to inquire on your pension payments on-line, and change or update information pertaining to your payments.  Our goal is to fulfill your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Capital Markets U.S.

BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC

Through BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC, we also offer trading in fixed income securities and equities.

BNY Mellon Structured Solutions

BNY Mellon Structured Solutions provides real-time access to educational training modules, our product suite, regulatory updates, user friendly search tools and marketing materials.

Corporate Trust

Document Custody

Having access to data online, on demand, and knowing it is protected are key requirements in fast-paced and evolving markets. On our Document Custody system, you can access your detailed, imaged data and a range of relevant reports in real-time. All data is protected using state-of-the-art technology, and relevant information may be uploaded and downloaded. Access is secure and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Investor Reporting

You can access detailed payment and collateral reporting data on our Investor Reporting site. A wealth of deal-specific investor-focused tools, to improve the way information is gathered, is available on the site. And, you can customize format and content so the reports meet your particular requirements.


Accounting, cash management, online corporate actions: With INFORM, BNY Mellon's proprietary information delivery and transaction management system, you have access to online inquiry and reporting for all these functions. The result is the reporting you need and the ability to act on it.

Money Market Manager

Originate commercial paper issuance and medium-term note transactions, and generate the reports you need to manage these debt instruments on our Money Market Manager system. You can also customize reports and add filters and sorts to meet your specific requirements.


Depositary Receipts


As the world's leading depositary bank, BNY Mellon has long recognized the importance of developing and integrating innovative technology with the evolving Depositary Receipt business. ADR INFORM, our advanced Internet-based reporting platform, embodies this longstanding focus, and highlights our continued commitment to improving the value-added resources available to our Depositary Receipt issuer clients.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

iFX Manager

iFX Manager, BNY Mellon's proprietary electronic trading system, supports pre-trade order management, price discovery and execution services.

  • iConfirm

    iConfirm offers post-trade confirmation, standing settlement instruction maintenance and mark-to-market reporting.


iHedge is designed to help clients administer portfolio or shareclass hedging programs.

iDeal Forex

iDeal Forex is a platform for multicurrency payment initiation, FX trade execution and related reporting.


iFlow measures cross-border portfolio flow and provides tools to measure capital flows against most major equity and fixed income indices.

Liquidity Services

Liquidity DIRECT

Offers a wide selection of institutional money market mutual funds, direct investment in individual money market securities, and the ability to segregate margin balances and mitigate risk in counterparty transactions, all through a single cash investment source.


Treasury Services


Our simple but powerful electronic banking solution features easy set-up, automatic upgrades and intuitive navigation through a standard Internet browser interface, all designed to allow you to initiate a full range of transactions to manage available cash balances.